About the Brampton Sports Hall of Fame

The Brampton Sports Hall of Fame was founded in 1979 by a group of truly dedicated sport enthusiasts, in conjunction with the Brampton Parks and Recreation Department. These tireless and dedicated enthusiasts included Everett Coates, Mush Thompson, Jim McCurry and Kevin McCauley, who with the assistance of “Lefty” Reid, Curator of the Canadian National Exhibition Sports Hall of Fame, helped create both the Hall of Fame and its operating constitution. The construction of the Hall was further assisted through a generous donation by E. Herbert Armstrong.


The purpose of the Brampton Sports Hall of Fame is to honour the history of sport in the City of Brampton and in particular those persons who have made outstanding contributions and achievements in the development of sport.

There are now four categories of membership into the City of Brampton Sports Hall of Fame; namely ATHLETES, BUILDERS,VETERANS and TEAMS. Builders refers to all members other than athletes; Veterans may be either athletes or builders who have concluded their careers as active athletes or coaches; Teams so honoured must have attained a high level of achievement and brought recognition to the City of Brampton at the National or International level. 

Including the induction of E. Herbert Armstrong as the Hall's first charter member at the inaugural banquet held November 25th, 1981, a total of ATHLETES and BUILDERS and TEAM have been recognized to date.

Let us reflect proudly on the outstanding accomplishments of our first Inductees. We look forward with great anticipation and enthusiasm to future successes and achievements.
Plan now to join us each year to recognize and celebrate Brampton's distinguished sports heroes.