Alex Graham

Alex Graham has been a life-long member of the Brampton Lawn Bowling Club. In 1984 and 1987 he competed as Skip and won the Ontario Legion Triples winner.In 1992, he competed as Second and won the Oshawa General Motors Gold Cup. Competing as Lead, he won the 1993 Ontario Legion Triples winner, 1998 OntarioSeniors Gold Medal, 1998 Balmy Beach Masters Winner, 1999 Southeast Florida Pairs Winner and 1999 Ontario Seniors Silver Medal. Competing as Lead in 2000,Alex became the Ontario Lawn Bowls Seniors Champion and was awarded the Canadian Seniors Silver Medal.

Alex has been a Lawn Bowling National Umpire since 1981. He has umpired Canadian Finals in Halifax and in Montreal. He is also an American Umpire in Florida. Alex is a certified Lawn Bowling coach and has served as Lawn Bowling Club President of Cannington for two years.

Alex served as the President of the Brampton Lawn Bowling Club for two years. He was Commander and Training Officer to Brampton Power and Sail Squadron. Alex served in wartime with Army Observation Posts over Dunkirk and Amsterdam. Approaching the age of 89 Alex was the 2011 District Seniors Winner. He has a real passion for the game and extensive experience. Alex continues to keep bowling away.