Jason Walker

Jason Walker is an avid 10-pin Bowler. He has been a Special Olympic athlete foreleven years. At the age of 28, Walker received a 2007 City of Brampton SportsAchievement Award and was recently named 2007 Athlete of the Year, therebyreceiving the Ken Giles Award.

After qualifying for the 2007 Special Olympics World Summer Games, Walker broughthome a Gold in Individual 10-pin, a Silver in Pairs and a Bronze in the Team categoryfrom Shanghai China. His success was due in large part to a regimented training schedule thatincluded bowling at least three times a week, running five kilometres at least twice a week andweight training.

At his first Canadian National Championship in 2006, Walker won two gold medals and one silvermedal. In 2004, Walker won the Provincial Spring Games Individual High Pins average.

Walker continues to bowl at least twice a week.

Inducted May 28, 2008