Nancy Whiteford

A long time figure skating coach in Brampton, Nancy Whiteford was originally born in Oakville, Ontario and started skating at the age of three. Her love of skating continued to grow and develop throughout her childhood and into her teenage years. During her time as an athlete she was able to achieve gold in free skate, dance, skills and interpretive.

While Nancy was still competing, in 1978, she suffered a devastating injury to her Achilles tendon and at the age of 21 was diagnosed with diabetes. Nancy is a diabetic who requires six needles daily and is an inspiration to others with diabetes letting them know that anything is possible if you try.

Nancy was able to overcome her injury and began touring with Ice Follies and Holiday on Ice from 1978 to 1980. She looks back on this period as an exciting time in her skating career and wonderful experience.

Nancy began her coaching career at the age of 20 in 1980 and has been a dedicated coach to Skate Canada Brampton Chinguacousy for over 35 years. During her time with the club, Nancy has been involved in 17 ice shows with Brampton and coached over 150 Gold medalists in multiple skating disciplines. In 1980, Nancy was responsible for bringing the Synchronized Skating program to Brampton. Nancy continues to help fulfill her students’ goals and dreams and has even mentored six of her students into becoming coaches.

In 1995, Skate Canada awarded Nancy the Volunteer Coach of the Year. She currently holds her Level 2 Coach Gold status and continues to spread her love of skating.

Nancy is still coaching all disciplines including all levels of free skate, dance, skills interpretive and pair interpretive. Her involvement with the skating club inspired her to compete once again. In 2008, Nancy became the Canadian and World Interpretive Figure Skating Champion at the age of 48. Nancy attributes all of her success to the huge support received from family, friends and Skate Canada Brampton Chinguacousy.

Nancy is a mother of two children and she has been extremely involved in their education and personal lives encouraging and helping them become successful. In her spare time she was a committed school volunteer helping children with disabilities and at home she loves to cook.

Nancy Whiteford would like everyone to know that if you dream big dreams, they can come true if you work hard and believe in yourself.

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