Ohenewa Akuffo

Ohenewa Akuffo

An incredibly ambitious individual, Ohenewa Akuffo strives to reach her full potentialthrough her wrestling career. In 2008, Ohenewa won a bronze medal in the 72 kilogramsdivision at the World Female Wrestling Championships in Tokyo, Japan. Just 8 weeksbefore the Tokyo Championships, she finished 10th in the 72 kilograms division at theSummer Olympic Games in Beijing, China.

Ohenewa was introduced to wrestling in her first year of high school and began training atthe Matmen Wrestling Club in Brampton to enhance her skills. Ohenewa became the youngest-evermember of the Canadian Senior team and won her first national title in 1997 as a seventeen year-oldhigh school wrestler. She is a ten-time senior national champion. Since her wrestling career beganin 1997, Ohenewa has received numerous medals and recognitions every year in various Nationaland World Championships.

Ohenewa is currently attending York University where she is pursuing a Bachelor of AdministrativeStudies with honours in Marketing, while completing a Certificate of Management and SportsAdministration. She avidly trains daily as she focuses on reaching her next major goal, which is tobe the best athlete in the World.

Inducted May 27, 2009